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Workshops are in conjunction with Spruce Forest Artisan Village.

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Above Photo's by Ed DeWitt

The year was 2006. Taylor Swifts first single was released, Twitter was born and smart phones didnt widely exist. That is when this webpage came in to existence. It was written in notepad, without a webpage editor. Well now it is 2023, most people view websites on their phone and old fashion html written in notepad doesn't work well in that situation.

The bad news is this website will no longer be updated. But the good news is it will stay up! The even better news is that I sill will have a web presence! represents my fine art jewelry and metal sculptures represents my line of iron jewelry

Mike Edelman designs and creates unique high quality metalwork. All art is one-of-a-kind, hand done by the artist. Edelman specializes in contemporary blacksmithing where the emphasis is on the artistic and creative use of the medium. Works range from garden sculptures and gates, functional furniture, wearable sculpture, and unique metal wall art.


Edelman works for six months a year at Spruce Forest Artisan Village in Grantsville, MD. There he maintains a gallery space and a working blacksmith shop where he produces his metalwork. Several times a year he also uses the smithy to conduct workshops for the general public.

I'm pleased to exhibit an online retrospective of my work here.


Now available, my new book, Experiments In Blacksmithing! Available at Createspace, Amazon and your local bookstore! This book has over 200 images and takes you on a tour of creative development. This is not a “best of portfolio”, instead it is a book documenting the process of artistic growth and shows work created at various skill levels.

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Mike Edelman is the resident Blacksmith at Spruce Forest Artisan Village in Grantsville, MD. He has over 18 years experience working with metals, has won numerous awards and exhibited work across the country. For more info, please visit:



A sample of the hand forged iron necklaces, bracelets and earrings is visible at:

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Wrought Iron Furniture

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Forged Contemporary Jewelry

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Garden Sculpture


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Wall Art